A place to discover beyond Barcelona


With its own language and unique local customs, Catalonia feels distinct from the rest of Spain, and, beyond Barcelona, its four provinces unveil a stunning wealth of natural splendour and cultural richness.

Up north, we find Costa Brava’s lush shores and coves with Emporda’s medieval architecture and the Jewish history, filming sceneries and culinary mastery of Girona, one of the most beautiful cities in Catalonia.


Costa Brava, Catalonia

Visit beautiful cities in Catalonia

The heart of Catalonia offers frozen-in-time cobbled stone villages and tasty traditional food with hike trails that weave between green valleys and lost Romanesque churches and monasteries, with the major city of Vic and its beautiful historical heritage.

Down south, spinning back in time, the Roman ruins of Tarragona rest by the intense blue Mediterranean sea. The warmer and drier climate in this area brings us one of the best wines in the world, Priorat. Not to forget about the great extra virgin olive oil that this region provides and the stunning breathtaking landscapes.

 At only two hours from Barcelona, you can enjoy either wonderful sandy beaches to breathtaking countryside views and high peaks and winter snow at the Pyrenees.


Catalonia, has much more to offer, discover it with us.

Things to do in Catalonia

Romantic Villages: a day in the heart of Catalonia

Discover the heart of Catalonia, admire the Old Town of Vic, learn about its history, get impressed by the surrounding views upon the cliff of Sant Pere de Casserres Monastery and Sau water dam,  and experience a very tasty local meal in the frozen-in-time charming village of Rupit.

From 94€ per person

Farm day cooking experience

An interactive experience at the countryside where you can pick your own lunch at the local farmer’s field*, cook it like locals do (with some assistance, of course) and eat it where locals do: at a local family’s ancient cottage house!

*Organic farming.

 From 112€ per person

Medieval Experience: Myths & Legends of Catalonia

Stroll around the lovely village of Montblanc and its impressive well-preserved medieval walls, learn about the origin of the most cherished Catalan legends and traditions, visit the majestic Royal Monastery of Poblet*, one of the largest monasteries in Europe and round off your trip at Siurana fairytale village.

*UNESCO World Heritage Site

From 118€ per person

Game of Thrones Experience: hidden locations in Catalonia

If you are a fan of the series, you probably know that many shootings of the sixth season took place in the Old Town of Girona, but did you know that Sam Tarly’s home is a real Castle at just one hour from Barcelona? Discover how this experience goes beyond the beaten-path locations.

 From 169€ per person

Legend of the Blue Sea Experience: the best filming locations

Believe it or not, the first chapters of this famous Korean series were filmed in Barcelona and its beautiful surroundings. This is an awesome day excursion where you will be able to admire gorgeous indoor settings in a private property, stunning views of the Medieval Tossa de Mar surrounded by the intense blue colour of the Mediterranean sea and the charming cobbled streets of the Old Town of Girona.

From 169€ per person

History, Wine & Art Nouveau Experience

Dip into the Battle of the Ebro battlefields and history, learn about the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War with a stunning landscape background. Enjoy a tasty local lunch & local wine and get impressed with a visit the so-called Wine Cathedral at Pinell del Brai, an amazing hidden architecture gem designed by a direct disciple of Gaudí

From 135€ per person